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Wyoming Memory Portal

... Looking sunward on leagues of gaunt, marginal land,
With strange buttes rising, apart, far distant, mysterious,
Against the glistening afternoon sky,
Like great ship-bulks, forever stranded on a static sea ....
- Wilson Clough
image of a woman holding a child in a tall field of wheat

Wyoming Memory brings the histories of Wyoming to life through a virtual gateway to the state's rich collections of manuscripts, books, photographs, government documents, newspapers, maps, audio, video, and other resources. These sources document Wyoming's past from prehistory through the present.

Collections and exhibits are provided by archives, libraries, historical societies, museums, governments, organizations and individuals from throughout Wyoming. As partnerships and collaborations continue to grow, more of Wyoming's rich cultural treasures will be available to students and researchers.

Wyoming Memory also serves as a resource for content providers within the state for standards, selection guidelines, and training.